Dynamic portfolio management combining extensive experience, innovation and our macro-economic views.

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An active approach based on in-depth analysis of security and industry fundamentals.

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Commercial Mortgages

Deep experience in underwriting and administration of mortgages is a key ingredient of our success.

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Specialized and Alternative Strategies

Innovative investment solutions designed to meet the needs of our clients.

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Research and Insight

In carrying out our mandates, we leverage extensive fundamental research capabilities.

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Repositioning with Optimism and Modesty

Article published in Finance et investissement. Roger Beauchemin officially took the lead of Addenda Capital on April 1, while the Montréal firm reported growth of its assets under management for six consecutive quarters.

Flash Report - Oil Update

Oil prices fell sharply and large producers seem unwilling to intervene, at least for now. We present a brief analysis of the situation.

Addenda Capital Launches a Global Tactical Fixed Income Strategy

Addenda Capital is pleased to announce the launch of a new investment strategy created to take advantage of opportunities in the global fixed income markets. Tactical exposure to developed and emerging bond markets will complement Addenda Capital’s fixed income skills in the Canadian market.

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